I dedicate this section to all the princesses of God and every beautiful woman that still need to find their freedom in Jesus! Ladies, I am sure many of you will identify with my observation that I made about life as I was also born into a battle-field on earth – a battle to find my true identity and redemptive purpose because of the trauma I many days had to face I would say from birth. I was being born a girl while dad wanted a boy what would follow in the years to come caused a lot of confusion.
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Like many of you, the molestation from a young age caused loneliness and isolation from the love of those who were supposed to protect me. You will understand that loneliness leads to rejection and whatever else.

The good news is that the day Jesus found me everything in my life started to change, as I opened my heart His love could flood the darkness, healed and restored me. Only His love could remove the darkness from my heart and soul; His love could fill my heart with light and love for myself and the broken hearted. I sought God for understanding; why does satan hate little girls so much? Why is it so essential to traumatise them as young as possible and for him to make sure that they stay bound, lonely and rejected? Why?

As time gone by Holy Spirit started to reveal God’s redemptive purpose for us as women to me and that we were no afterthought but delicately designed by God for a significant redemptive purpose on earth. He delicately fashioned us from the side of Adam to be a helper capable and not a floormat or inferior being. So the Holy Spirit started to break the truth open concerning how God designed us and how He planned to use His warrior daughters to secure the future of His people. From there, the theme that I love “Women God’s secret weapon”.