Training & Equipping the Warrior Bride

The snare of the talebearer theme started with a dream I had a few months ago. In this dream, a person called me to come help deliver a Baby. When I saw the baby, he was healthy, but a snake entered into the baby's mouth and made its home in the stomach of the baby.

As we reached day 80 of the Covid-19 lockdown and as the growing racial tension and violence erupted all over the world, I took time to ask Abba Father what was on His heart. How was I to pray for my nation and my continent? God reminded me of an exciting dream that I had a few years ago and said that the time had come to share the dream.

As the globe is under the grip of the fear of dying from a weird novel-like flu virus, God took me back to the night in Germany when He taught me the value and power of His light. We had ministered in a spiritually very dark area of Germany and I woke up just past midnight with the presence of something that felt like a huge figure in my room. Fear literally filled the room...

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