Pastor Amanda le Roux

The Founder of Ariella Ministries (AM), an evangelistic and prayer ministry under the covering of Dr JJ and Pastor Mettie Scholtz, and the Standerton 4 Jesus Pastors Fraternal. AM is a transformational, faith-based NPO, which is Tax Exempt, with a history of taking ground-breaking action that transforms lives, families, and communities.

More about the founder

Amanda le Roux

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Daughter of God & Nation Builder


Amanda gave her heart to Jesus as a small girl, and she grew from a shy, intimidated little girl to a warrior daughter of God as she pursued His presence and opened her heart to His love.  His unconditional love and presence became her natural source of strength, healing, and restoration.  Being free from the rejection and inferiority she experienced as a child, she grew spiritually into a passionate woman of God who understands her worth and identity.  Therefore, she avails her life to equip the Body of Christ to be set free from a false identity that often leads to a passive unfruitful Christian lifestyle.  She lives to see the House of God rise as the powerful Warrior Bride that Jesus called her to be.  Amanda is just as passionate about seeing broken, impoverished, orphaned children find their purpose in life and see their worth and identity restored by creating a safe environment for them to thrive. 

Amanda moved to Standerton with her husband Barend and two sons, Francois and SP, in 1996.  God imparted the sound of His heart for Standerton in her heart, and she became sold out to see the glory of God restored in her ‘city.’

Amanda has been part of the Standerton4Jesus Pastors Fraternal for several years, where she acted as coordinator of prayer and equipping activities.

On 24 August 2014, Amanda, supported by Barend, her husband, was set apart, assigned, and commissioned by The Standerton4Jesus Pastors Fraternal as a Pioneer for the task of prayer ministry, evangelism, equipping and mobilising prayer and strategic warfare, and establishing care-take centres for children nationally and internationally.

From 1998 – 2012 she served as convener, facilitator, and vision bearer of the prayer network in Standerton.  She is known for her passion for prayer and her outcry for revival for her community and South Africa.

Amanda herself is an experienced minister of the Gospel.  She is currently the leader of the Mpumalanga Prayer Network, which is widely involved in strategic prayer for South Africa.  She is part of the Intercessors for South Africa (IFSA) Leadership, leading prayer actions countrywide and focusing on SA turning back to God.

In this way, the Church becomes “the house of prayer” following the heartbeat of God.

Amanda also founded Arise Africa Intercessors Network (ACIN) in April 2020 under the covering of the previous Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng and Apostle Linda Gobodo.  She mobilised and hosted online prayer meetings throughout the Covid 19 pandemic and played an important role in mass prayer mobilisation nationally and continentally. 

ACIN is a vibrant platform where intercessors and ministers of the Gospel are equipped and activated to new levels of kingdom living and prayer.

She was the full-time representative and coordinator of Voice in the City of South Africa (VitCSA) from June 2016 to December 2018.  She registered the ministry and established its office in SA.  As agreed with the VitC International leadership, she ran Ariella Ministries separately from Voice in the City.

One of Amanda’s roles in the ministry of Voice in the City (SA) was to help organise local events for speaking engagements for Suzette and Gayle, coordinating conferences and evangelistic outreaches.  She was privileged to minister in Indonesia and Papua Indonesia under Suzette’s leadership.

Amanda actively trains, equips and empowers intercessors throughout South Africa and abroad per invitation from different church families and networks.

She was part of a team of counsellors who successfully served traumatised people in South Africa, Germany, and Switzerland. 

Amanda assisted in planting and establishing several churches in and around her town.  She was instrumental in planting the Shofar Family Church in Standerton.  She is a bridge-builder between people groups and lives to see true spiritual unity in the Church.

She founded Restoring Hope Project for Orphans in Salima, Malawi, in November 2021.

  1. Amanda wrote the following about herself:

I choose to focus on the positive outcome of what satan meant for evil in my life, to dream with God and to ignore the negative voices around me.  I am a living testimony of God’s love and grace, and I live to give Him glory for saving my life over and over!

I can still remember the first time I evangelised a person.  It was a Sunday afternoon; we had just had lunch at a family friend’s home.  I entered the kitchen and saw a beautiful Xhosa woman sitting on a chair next to a warm coal stove, waiting to serve the family.  Although I was just a girl, about eight years old, I can still remember the compassion I felt for her.  I walked up to her, looked her straight in the eyes and said, “The Lord wants you to know that this will end one day, and He wants you to know that He loves you very much.  I need to kiss you to show you how much He loves you.” I jumped onto her lap and kissed her all over her face!  O, how I wish I could see her face today!  The love deeply touched her, and she kept me on her lap for a while, smiling at me.

In my mature walk with God many years later, I realised that was the defining moment where the Holy Spirit started to awaken a sincere love for souls and nations in my heart.  As a little girl, I responded to the prompting of the Holy Spirit with what I today call love in action.  This love would grow to abounding love, which will outwit emotional pain, fear or disappointment.  That life-changing moment led to my deep desire to work for God and win souls for Jesus.  It was only much later in my life that I discovered Paul’s words in Ephesians 3:6, “The secret is that by means of the gospel the Gentiles (nations) have a part with the Jews in God’s blessings; they are members of the same body and share in the promise that God made through Christ Jesus.”

My life was never easy, but I thank God for every challenge I faced because I learned that you would find Him in the same fire that satan fuelled seven times to destroy you.  All it will take is a willingness to humble yourself and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you through the fire.  Daniel 12:10 says, “Many will be purified, made spotless, and refined, but the wicked will continue to act wickedly.  None of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.”

Pastor Amanda le Roux

Amanda le Roux is the founder of Ariella Ministries (AM), a transformational, faith-based NPO, which is Tax Exempt, with a history of taking ground-breaking action that transforms lives, families, and communities. AM operates under the covering of Standerton4Jesus Pastors Fraternal and Jaymet Ministries in Ermelo, Mpumalanga. 

Standerton4Jesus Fraternal:

More about the name Ariella

Ariella comes from the root word Ariel, a Hebrew word meaning Lion of God.  The name would, in this sense, be descriptive of Jerusalem, which had always been a sort of champion of Jesus – a Warrior fighting His battles with a lion’s courage and fierceness.  Ariella is a female version meaning the Lioness of God.

We understand that Jesus commissioned us in John 20:21 with these words: “Jesus repeated His greeting, “Peace to you!” And He told them, “Just as the Father has sent me, I’m now sending you.”  Jesus came to save us and restore our original identity and the unique mandate He gave to Adam (Genesis 1:26 and Psalm 8:6-8).  He made us a new creation with a brand-new nature in Christ after salvation and re-positioned us in Christ Jesus in Heavenly Places. (2 Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 4:25; Romans 6:6; Colossians 3:10; Ephesians 2:6)

The key scripture for AM is Matthew 11:12: “From the moment John stepped onto the scene until now, the realm of heaven’s kingdom is bursting forth, and passionate people have taken hold of its power.”TPT

Jesus is still our Intercessor and the Lion of Judah, a Warrior fighting His battles with a lion’s courage and fierceness.  He commissioned us to go and do the same!

The mission of AM

Our mission is three-fold:

  • Cultivating a calling, Restoring hope and Rebuilding dreams.

Inspired by our Christian faith, we help orphans and impoverished children – of all religions and none to transform their lives by assisting them in the most challenging situations and places.  Our loving care helps them overcome poverty and emotional difficulties by creating a safe environment with sustainable caretaking facilities, nutritional schemes, and early childhood education.  Our priority is for the children to discover and develop their purpose and experience the fullness of life.

Our goal is to cultivate their calling, restore their hope and rebuild their dreams.

  • Training, Equipping and Mobilising the Ecclesia (Body of Christ).

Transform individuals, families, and communities through online and in-person training, equipping and activation programs.  We create networking platforms that stimulate interaction on national and continental levels leading to reconciliation and unity in the Body of Christ and beyond.

AM strongly believes that we should be actively involved in the ministry of reconciliation as the Ecclesia (2 Corinthians 5:11-21); therefore, AM facilitates reconciliation in the Body of Christ and beyond by cooperating with the local church and community leaders.

The goal is that the Body of Christ will arise in her identity, growing in godly authority and dominion in Christ to be a kingdom-minded people actively spreading the love of Jesus by meeting felt needs in their communities and influence sphere.

  • Online Mentor Programs for Women.

We founded Real Talk for Women in January 2020, a free-of-charge online mentor platform to help traumatised and broken women from all walks of life.  Our mentor program helps women of all ages to heal and restore, resulting in a positive outflow to their marriages, families, and communities.  We use prophetic teaching, preaching, and activation sessions to help the women rise to new levels of kingdom life. 

We believe women are the key to a stable community – healthy women will cultivate healthy families.  Healthy families create healthy and whole communities.

AM believes in a holistic approach to transforming communities.  We need to prosper spiritually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and physically.

Biblical values and truths are the foundation of the mentor program; therefore, prayer is essential to our program.

Foundations and Associated Ministries

She is the Founder and President of Hearts4Standerton, now changed to Restoring Hope Projects, which focuses on building caretaking centres for orphaned and impoverished children in ruler villages in Standerton, South Africa, and Malawi. Amanda has become known for her heart of compassion and prayer.

She served on the Advisory Board of the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs SA (GFWE.SA).

Amanda worked closely with Pastor Chanthal Whites, visionary and presenter of Step Up, a continental TV program and ministry that empowers single women of all ages to arise in their God-given identity, pursuing purity and holiness as they wait on God to find their husbands.

She is a content holder both at Disa Radio 95.9FM, a Christian radio station, and Elan Global Radio, a secular radio station.

She writes and presents a prayer school for Generation Impact Prayer School, an online platform.

Amanda was one of the writers for a Christian Magazine, Lady Rose – Gift from God.

She published her first Devotional Journal, Women God’s Secret Weapon, in November 2020.