Saving Grace

Saving Grace is one of the four main projects supported by Hearts4Standerton, a registered NPO/NGO company. NGO nr: 2010/018601/08

Project Coordination:

Amanda le Roux

Amanda le Roux

The Coach for the Rooikoppen project is:  Ms. Amanda le Roux, she is assisted by Ms. Bongi Sibeko.

The Principal and Manager on site is Ms. Bongi Sibeko with a team of women that assist her with the day to day management of this centre.


The Saving Grace Project started off as a nutritional scheme in 2005 in Rooikoppen, the poorest and most crime stricken region of Standerton, Mpumalanga. We started in an informal way by cooking healthy meals for the many children who were suffering from mal-nutrition.

We soon realized that the children in need of food were also the ones roaming the dust streets of the informal settlement without proper care or stimulation to develop their intellect and gifts.

We knew that the children were the key to unlock restoration and healing for this broken community and a means of securing a well functioning next generation. This centre developed into what is today known as the Saving Grace Preschool and Caretaking Centre with a nutritional scheme providing at least 2 meals for up to 192 needy children per day.

Bongi Sibeko

Bongi Sibeko

With joy and tenderness the babies of rehabilitated prostitutes are taken care of to provide opportunity for the young mothers to finish their schooling. Besides that, afterschool is offered for those in need who registered for assistance, and who do not have parents at home. During weekends, specifically on Saturdays, a variety of skills like sewing, cooking nutritional meals, etc. are offered to unskilled parents in an attempt of empowerment to provide an income.

We also provide a Safe House for orphans in the interim phase awaiting placement at foster parents. Members of the SAPS also make use of this facility to temporarily place children coming from a background of domestic violence in an environment where they will be safe and secure.

Vision Statement

The aim of this project is to establish a caretaking facility for the children where they receive love, care, food and Christian education on a daily basis – a place to call home with no threats or fears.

Mission Statement

Through community outreach we want to show these children that someone cares for them…unconditionally!

Purpose Statement

Care for our children because they matter!

Progress 2009 – 2012

In May of 2009 Hearts4Standerton partnered with Ms Bongi Sibeko, an extra-ordinary woman and qualified teacher from Standerton. At that stage she provided food for 36 needy children, of whom 7 were orphans. The project grew to 192 children within a short period of time. A definite need for a registered caretaking centre was identified.  It soon came into existence.

The need for education was crucial and the young ones were schooled in an informal structure. The first Grade R class of 27 learners was offered in 2011 as we were able to secure sponsors for a building with furniture and equipment.

In 2012 the Grade R class totalled 40 learners, the middle class 76 and the small class proudly housed 56 young ones with 20 toddlers.

We implemented Smart Brain as well as Educational Toy Therapy to assist with their early childhood development. We have trained facilitators in every class with Ms Amanda le Roux and Bongi Sibeko acting as monitors.

We successfully placed the 27 young learners at 3 different schools. We are proud to announce that most of them have excelled as top learners in their grade.

Early in 2012 we established a facility for disabled children as the need was identified.  These learners receive physiotherapy on a weekly basis. Besides the physiotherapy, they are physically and mentally stimulated daily by trained caretakers with amazing results.

The cost per child amounts to R275.00 per month.