President’s Letter

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the official website of Hearts4Standerton! Hearts4Standerton is a non-governmental organization. We have grown into an organization that positively impacted our community over the past two and a half years and will continue to do so.

As a vibrant and growing organization, we will continue to evolve, meeting new needs as they appear while an ever caring society tries to heal the wounds of the less fortunate.

The information contained in this website will help you to understand how individuals, business people and church groups can join hands to change the lives of children. On a daily basis we witness the impact that Hearts4Standerton has on the lives of children.

Our main function is to assist the poor, neglected and abused children in our region by providing food, cloths, art therapy and education where we can. As the website develops you will get to know us better and hopefully we will inspire you to join us in fulfilling our mission.

Every town or city has its own welfare organizations with qualified personnel, where you can report cases of abuse. By reporting abuse you can help to save a child’s life and help to restore the family.

There are many ways of helping. Some friends simply wish us well and remember those we serve in their prayers. Others join us by making financial contributions. Still, others put their talents to work joining us by volunteering to act as board members. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and pleased to share it with you.

May peace and prosperity be yours.

Amanda le Roux