Open Hearts

Open Hearts is one of the four main projects initiated by Hearts4Standerton, a registered NPO company.

Project Coordination:

The Coach for the Open Hearts project is Charlene Geyser. She is assisted by Louise Ras and the Hearts4Standerton Junior division “Big Sisters”.


Open Hearts assists poor families in our community by means of distribution of food and clothing where need exists. We also assist families with disabled children that need medical care and treatment, operations to improve their conditions, wheel chairs or special medical equipment with fundraising.

In the past four years we managed to assist at least three children with urgently needed operations and physiotherapy that changed their lives.

Vision Statement

We want a well-balanced, safe and healthy community and environment for all the children of Standerton.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide Financial Coaching for below average income families assisting them to acquire healthy stewardship discipline. We focus on uplifting and mentoring them till they find their feet again to sustain their families.

Purpose Statement

Care for children because they matter!


We become aware of children that are destitute, hungry, cold and even disabled with no medical support in our community.  Sometimes children find themselves right in the middle of a parent war.  We started with an awareness champagne were we would take one project at a time and mobilize our community to support the cause.

We were able to start a clothing bank where second-hand clothing is distributed into the community through donations from the public and H4S members.  George Hofmeyr School kindly gave us permission to use one of their storage facilities for the organizing of clothes and toys.  This has become the distribution centre for clothing, blankets, curtains, toys etc donated to us for re-distribution into the community.  We take the persons in need to the room where they can choose and fit cloths in private. We were able to help four families that lost everything due to houses that burned down and we supplied cloths to many women and children.

We were able to donate a wheelchair to the 3 year old Danika van den Berg (photo 1). At the age of 5 years we managed to pay a very expensive operation as well as to sponsor special leg braces to support her legs so that she could learn to walk with a walking frame. She was born with ‘Spina Bifida’. We sponsored her weekly Physiotherapy sessions it is such a blessing to see her walk today with the support of a walking frame!

Marchant Bruidendag is one of our little stars! We had the privilege to support him by paying for a very expensive Botox treatment that changed his life!  We are able to sponsor his weekly Physiotherapy sessions. He could not walk at the age of 4 years. Today he can walk with a walking frame and live a normal life.

We were privileged to hand over  wheelchairs  to  two disabled boys, 8 and 18 year old.

We also joined the drive for Stefan van Zyl, a very brave little cancer fighter!  Through valuable memberships we were able to bring a smile to his face with a portable DVD player to him see through his chemo therapy.

We are currently supporting this little 5 year old boy, Caden Benjamin, he has a tumor and many other health issues.

We could support Dezi a little disabled girl by supplying her with a special wheel chair and feeding chair. We could also sponsor four months physiotherapy treatment. We sponsor physiotherapy for 5 disabled children four times a week.  We work closely with a physiotherapist in town that sponsors half of the prescribed fees.

Hearts4Standerton did not only answer to the cry of two young girls at the Gert Sibande College who were in dire need of winter clothes but many more children in our community.

Further assistance that we would like to offer in the near future is Financial Coaching.  Hearts4Standerton came to the conclusion that there is a specific need for such coaching and is looking at possible means of implementation of such a service in the community.


  1. Long-term sponsors to strengthen the cost centre of this project in order to provide efficient support to those in need.
  2. Financial advisers that can help us to put together a document to mentor those who need it in proper finance management.