Saving Grace

1. Ablution block for the school:

We urgently need assistance in building a child friendly ablution block for the care take centre.

2. Security fence – Need Met

Thanks to our generous sponsors and partners we have now completed the new security fence at Saving Grace.

3. School Hall:

One of our local businesses vowed to meet this need.

4. Permanent building as caretaking centre:

We managed to secure funds to build a permanent Grade R class. We still need to replace the ‘shack’ buildings that we use as a care take centre.

5. Well-equipped kitchen to prepare healthy meals:

The ‘shack’ kitchen that we use at the moment is equipped with the bare basics to prepare meals for the children. We are in desperate need of a well-equipped kitchen.

6. Well-equipped playground:

We need a child friendly playground with new playground equipment and a shaded area with sandpit.

7. Store room:

We need a storeroom facility to secure the dry food and other consumables that we receive.

8. Educational toy kits:

We need the prescribed educational toy kids for Early Childhood Development (ECD) @ R1600.00 per kit. There are 10 different kits packed in a durable bag.

9. Long-term sponsors for food, nappies, washing powder, coal, etc.

This is a continued challenge due to the fact that we sponsor most of the children in the centre.

Empower The Girl & Boy Child

This project is cost intensive, and therefore challenging in a financial way. Thus, we are desperately in need of a long-term sponsor to cover the cost of the scrap book therapy classes.

We try to keep the expenses per child as low as possible but it still amounts to R75-R100 per child per class.

Love Enfolds

We need long-term sponsors to help us provide healthy lunch boxes to needy children in our primary schools.

Open Hearts

1. Long-term sponsors to strengthen the cost centre of this project in order to provide efficient support to those in need.
2. Financial advisers that can help us to put together a document to mentor those who need it in proper finance management.