Empower the Girl & Boy Child

Empower the Boy and Girl Child project is one of the four main projects initiated by Hearts4Standerton, a registered NPO company.

Project Coordination:

The Coach for the Empower the Boy and Girl Child project is Ms Amanda le Roux.  She is assisted by Ms Anna-Marie Archer, Annelie van Niekerk and the Action Team.


Through Scrapbook Therapy classes Hearts4Standerton is empowering young boys and girls from Vaalrivier and George Hofmeyr High Schools to rise above their circumstances. The therapy is designed to teach them how to face and deal with challenges in their lives.

The therapy also teaches the boys and girls to face and deal with certain dysfunctional aspects of their lives, assisting them in developing their Emotional Intelligence in order to outgrow the effect of their abusive backgrounds.

Happy children will become emotionally stable adults resulting in healthy families.

Why Scrapbook Therapy?

Scrapbook Therapy is used world wide and is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to help people deal with the difficult aspects of their lives e.g. the effect of abuse, dysfunctional families and loss of a loved one.  Sometimes hurt experienced by individuals is hidden so deeply that it is difficult to reach that part of the emotions.  An effective way discovered to help these emotions surface in order to be dealt with, is through Scrapbook Therapy.  The outcome is so effective that big corporate companies like SASOL make use of this method to develop the emotional intelligence of the top corporate men and women in South Africa.

Vision Statement

Through these classes we want to promote Emotional Intelligence, Social Skills Development as well as Leadership Qualities.  We want to see vibrant young men and ladies rising from their circumstances, ready to take on the world in leadership capacity!

Mission Statement

We want to involve the boys and girls in Community Outreaches linked with already existing projects.  This serves the purpose of promoting Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills Development not only for the boys of Vaalrivier or the girls of George Hofmeyr, but also for the children in the projects they will be working with. This is a win-win situation as it teaches them to plough back into their communities.  Working together to grow a healthy community becomes part of their lifestyle.

Purpose Statement

Care for children because they matter!


The project is running for its fourth year with great impact on at least 65 boys and up to 85 girls. We managed to equip 16 work stations with basic tools, and different products used in scrapbooking. The classes are presented in a cycle of 8 weeks. Feedback from the school psychologists and principals are much more than rewarding.

We try to keep the expenses per child as low as possible but it still amounts to R75-R100 per child per class.


This project is cost intensive, and therefore challenging in a financial way. Thus, we are desperately in need of a long-term sponsor to cover the cost of the projects.

In one of the projects that we did with the girls: ‘My heart is God’s garden’, we discussed how your discussions, thoughts and reactions influence your heart positively or negatively. They play this out with paper, stamps and different techniques. With this project we also sponsored a frame to wrap up their project and take home as a gift.

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The girls are working hard to finish their project before getting treated with a lovely meal.

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Appeldew Guest House is one of our sponsors that spoil the girls by providing the beautiful conference facility and offering good food!

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